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About Us

Systems Integrator in Northern Minnesota

APQ Engineering is a systems integrator for industrial control and information systems. Our team designs and programs controls for new systems, retrofits new controls on existing systems, and provides support for automation. We have been located in Menahga, Minnesota since 2012.

We typically work with engineers and managers who need a long-term and reliable partner to help with their automation systems.

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Why Are We Called APQ Engineering?

A*P*Q is the formula for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Our mission is to apply automation and information systems to improve industrial operations.

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We serve industrial clients with professional services, fast response, and support. We strategically manage our workload, so each project has dedicated staffing until it’s fully completed.

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When we work together, your projects get completed on time, within budget, and your industrial control systems perform as expected. We’ve completed successful automation projects for a wide variety of industries across the U.S. Our staff has been doing this over the last 25+ years and we have the experience, skills, and commitment to ensure your project is successful.

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We ensure that your systems will start up quickly and continue to work reliably by implementing careful design, documentation, and follow-up. The control panels we design use high-quality components that are selected for reliability and performance rather than the lowest bid. Each panel is professionally built, UL listed, and tested before shipping.

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Our Values

We do what we say we’ll do and take responsibility if problems arise.

We communicate to understand our clients’ systems before proposing solutions, respond promptly, and complete our projects on time and within budget.

Technical Excellence
We invest in continuing education, follow best practices, and meet or exceed industry standards.

We Enjoy Our Work
We provide the best tools available, support a great work environment, and maintain a positive work-life balance.

Our Vision

We work with our clients who want a long-term relationship based on improving productivity and efficient execution of projects

We determine the unique needs for each project and then we provide the best-fit solutions -- we don't push any particular brands

We continually learn new technology, best practices, and engineering fundamentals so that our clients can rely on us to suggest and create the best results

We use technology and best practices to make our own business reliable, responsive, and efficient

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What Makes us Different?

Reliable Quotes
We avoid change-order surprises for our clients. Our quotes are accurate and reliable because we have the experience and spend more time on the front end to understand each project’s unique requirements and constraints.

Accurate Documentation
Accurate documentation is critical to help your maintenance group minimize downtime. We provide clear and accurate schematics that will reduce installation and troubleshooting time.

Quality Control Panels
Our panel designs will reduce installation cost and improve reliability. Field wire entry and routing is carefully planned to reduce installation time and mistakes. Components are selected for reliability and maintenance instead of just the low bid and our control panels are built in professional UL508A shops.

After the project is completed, we follow-up to check that the systems are performing as expected.  After a system is run for a while the opeators will often identify small changes that can improve performance.

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