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MES/Manufacturing Information Systems

We provide MES software with the ability to customize it and integrate to your current system, including, but not limited to:

  • Data collection and reporting
    • Production reports
    • Tank inventory reports
    • Product quality reports
  • Lab information
  • Historian – time series data
  • Downtime tracking and reports
  • Display Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • OEE display
  • Manager’s dashboards
  • Recipe management
  • Server visualization
  • Custom software development
  • Databases
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Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)


  • Data from remote locations allows real-time monitoring and control from anywhere
  • Integrated with advanced SCADA for alarms, history, and reports
  • Industry 4.0 architecture for legacy equipment
  • Low bandwidth and low-cost connections
  • Fast response



  • Record downtime events and reason codes for continuous improvement efforts. The data collection is tightly linked to the machine controls for real-time and accurate data.
  • Product codes are linked to MES databases for a seamless platform of plant-wide data.
  • Production runs are linked to packaging parameters to ensure the line is setup correctly for each product code.

Plant Wide Reporting


  • Production summary and quality reports on the manager’s desktop
  • Real-time reports delivered to the right people at the right time enables the continuous improvements that really improve production
  • Secure and robust access from any device
OEE panel

OEE/Downtime Pilot Package

This pilot system will collect and analyze OEE information, which will give you a proof-of-concept test and the first step toward an MES platform.

Going beyond data and analysis, this platform has the tools to help you implement system improvements.

The pilot project can include combinations of the following functions:

  • HMI display
  • Reports
  • OEE/Downtime
  • Historian
  • Alarm notification via email
  • Database/ERP integration
  • Mobile clients

APQ Engineering will provide:

  • A computer that is pre-loaded with MES software
  • A run license of the MES software for one month
  • One week of on-site setup and programming.

You will need to provide us with:

  • Network access to line controller PLC
  • Network access to the MES computer
  • 15-minute meetings every morning with the designated project owner

OEE/Downtime Pilot Package

Plus travel & lodging
$ 9,340 Monthly


Keep your system running well and improving.  APQ helps with scheduled tasks like software updates, backups, additions, and changes.  We are also called to assist with older systems where the original provider is gone or not performing.

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