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Automotive Product Manufacturer

Automotive Product Manufacturer

This client had a cloud-based system for downtime tracking and OEE. It was slow, it missed events, and they couldn’t customize it to fit their needs.

We switched them to an on-site system using software that was provided by Inductive Automation and a software company called Sepasoft. We linked product codes to MES databases for a seamless platform of plant-wide data.

They gained a higher-performance software that is fully customized to their plant and integrated with the HMI (human machine interface). The data collection is tightly linked to the machine controls, so they receive real-time and accurate data. Production runs are linked to packaging parameters to ensure the line is setup correctly for each product code. They can now record downtime events and reason codes to champion continuous improvement efforts.

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October 15, 2019


OEE and Downtime