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Mobile SCADA Solution


Truck receiving depends on streamlined operations along with accurate and timely records.  Our client receives trucks that haul regulated waste material in remote locations, often in harsh weather conditions.

Striving to maintain efficient operations, our client faced multiple challenges within the receiving process: wrong data was occasionally entered, paper tickets from the trucks were sometimes lost and there were often hard to read written entries.  Front office staff had to decipher these records and resolve any questions or inconsistencies leading to accumulated errors and delays resulting in lost revenue and unhappy customers.

In summary, our client had the following challenges with remote receiving:

  • Data entry errors
  • Illegible written entries
  • Damaged and lost paper tickets
  • Long delay time from paper record entry to electronic invoice
  • Customer disputed invoices 


In this case, APQ Engineering worked with the client to provide a solution with a remote access SCADA system utilizing MQTT.

The solution included ruggedized iPad tablets providing a reliable and cost-effective data entry point.  Autofill and selection lists helped data entry be faster and less error prone.  The tablet’s camera captures images of each paper ticket and transfers the data to local computer through Wi-Fi.  Local computers at each receiving location capture data from the tablets, forwarding each entry in real-time to the main office server.  If the network is down, the data is stored and forwarded once the connection is restored.  A server at the main office receives remote entries, permanently storing data and images in a database, ready for immediate use by the AR staff.  Customer concerns are addressed with timely records and digitized copies of their own paper tickets.

Ignition Software from Inductive Automation provides distributed architecture, mobile-capable software empowering tablets to digitize paper tickets and be custom data entry devices.  End-to-end encryption between edge devices and servers enables high security while store and forward technology along with MQTT protocol maintains reliable communication over networks with interruptions and limited bandwidth.

In summary, our solution met the following objectives:

  • Rugged mobile data entry device used on location
  • Digitize incoming paper tickets
  • Automate data entry to reduce errors
  • Real-time data transmission from the field to the front office
  • Database storage for consistent record keeping 

Potential for You:

This technology provides solutions to other challenges across many industries.  Here are some opportunities:

  • Automate product tracking through integrated truck scales
  • Validate incoming product through bar code scanning
  • Instant access to high quality product or process data
  • Automate tracking of maintenance & safety checks with Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Empower process improvements with custom reports providing instant access to data

Our team thrives on turning your challenges into strengths, by integrating creative technology into a custom solution for you. 

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